60% Cash Back Via the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC):

The PIC scheme held by the Singapore Official Government supports investments in innovation and productivity. Registered Singaporean businesses can enjoy huge tax savings in the form of cash payouts and/or tax deductions when they invest in training of employees. Your attendance at any Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium (APCSC) event is eligible for PIC credits, either as a 60% cash refund or 400% tax deduction. Full supporting documentation will be provided after the event. 

Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore: http://www.iras.gov.sg/irasHome/page04.aspx?id=13838

EnerpriseOne of Singapore: http://www.enterpriseone.gov.sg/Government%20Assistance/Tax%20Incentives/Product%20Development%20and%20Innovation/gp_iras_pic.aspx


Boost your tax savings and drive organizational efficiency and you can claim 60% of your registration fee by following this simple 10 minute process!

Register the Event

1) Select, register and pay for your event of choice.

Complete the PIC form


2) Click Here to download the form

Attend and Network


3) Attend the event and network with other International corporates!

File your Receipt

4) file your receipt and the record of attendance (We will provide) and the PIC form with your accounts department.

Achieve Sustainable Growth

5) Apply everything you learnt at the event, expand your career, network with international corporates and drive your organizations next period of growth!


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