Facing the current global financial crisis, APCSC proposes:

Let us uplift and deliver excellent customer services together to

Achieve Customer Relationship Excellence and revive consumer's market confidence.


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Dear Members,

Warm Greetings from the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium!

APCSC would like to keep updating you with the latest news and events in Customer Relationship Excellence!

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, 24 March         Shanghai, 26 March        Guangzhou, 27 March

The Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium has successfully held a series of Customer Service Quality Standard (CSQS) Roundtable in Hong Kong and in other Asia Pacific Region (e.g. Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, China and Sri Lanka). We sincerely invite you to join the CSQS Roundtable in Ningbo, Shanghai and Guangzhou respectively. Joining the seminar, you may share with the industry experts and executives from other commercial sectors, so as to explore more business opportunities.

The Roundtable will provide you a platform to investigate with the experts of the Customer Service industry from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Ningbo and Guangzhou. Facing the deepening financial crisis, challenges and opportunities, we would like to invite you to join this Asia Pacific CSQS Roundtables. Let's explore and share the multiple effective solutions and best practices of excellent Customer Service Quality Standard together!

The Customer Service Quality Standard (CSQS) has been developed jointly by the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium and the researchers at the university of Hong Kong, with industry support by the CSQS committee. The CSQS offers a comprehensive standard that enhances the knowledge management, organization learning and customer relationship excellence. It is also the Assessment Model for Customer Relationship Excellence Awards and is the highest certification awarded to customer service organizations that strive to develop customer relationship excellence.

For more about CSQS, please click: http://www.apcsc.com/csqsnet/overview.asp

Topic: How to use CSQS to achieve Higher ROI

Case Sharing:

Case Studies - China Pacific Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (Ningbo CSQS  Roundtable)

Case Studies - China Vanke Co., Ltd. , China Unionpay Co., Ltd. (Shanghai CSQS Roundtable)
Case Studies - Hong Kong Broadband Network Ltd. ,
CIBONet Limited (Guangzhou CSQS Roundtable)

Discussion Topic: How to revive consumer's market confidence by delivering excellent customer       

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If you would like to join our meeting, please click the button for registration

 REGISTRATION          CRE Awards 2008          NOMINATION

The CRE Awards 2008 Welcome Pack can be downloaded from the following link:

CRE Awards 2008 Welcome Pack


Latest Application Deadline:  24th January 2009 (Corporate)    31st March 2009 (Individual)


The CRE Awards Supplement:  21 July 2008 The Standard    28 July 2008 SingTao Daily G1-G12

The CRE Awards presentations took place on 27 June 2008. 2007 Winner Photos and Winner Statement 

 Benefits of Joining the individual Category of CRE Awards

      Gain international recognition through the most comprehensive assessment in Customer Relationship

      Increase and fortifies your corporate brand internationally

      Share experiences with the World-Class leaders and achieve the goal of market leadership

      Gain better customer perception and confidence

      Improve continuously through CRM Benchmarking program and CSQS assessment of APCSC

      Far-reaching promotions and exposure of winners across the whole Asia Pacific region through our international media channels and news coverage

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We would like to invite you and your recommended students studying Business Studies, Marketing, Industrial Engineering and Psychology to submit paper for the winning of the International Customer Service Paper and Project (ICSP) Awards 2009. The awards winning paper and project will be presented at the above mentioned Symposium. Furthermore, all paper submissions accepted by the Technical Committee of the Symposium will be included and published in a printed conference proceedings distributed free of charge for sharing and referencing by many stakeholders of the industry.

Interested participants could submit papers addressing but not limited to the following symposium sub-themes relating to Customer Relationship Management and Customer Service Excellence.

Symposium sub-themes

 (1) CRM and Integrated Service Excellence

(2) Customer Service Quality Standard

(3) CIS and BPO Service Excellence

(4) Customer Driven Relationship Management

(5) Mission Critical Support

(6) Service Quality and Customer Experience

(7) Customer Service Knowledge Management

Please click http://www.apcsc.com/symposium/icsp2009.asp for more information about the ICSP Awards.

APCSC CRE & CSQS Leadership Summit 2009
25-26 June 2009, Hong Kong

CRE and CSQS Leadership Summit 2009 to be held in cosmopolitan Hong Kong on 25-26 June 2009 will provide an international platform for you to meet honorable guests of the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium, industry leaders and experts of the international leadership community. You may share your valuable insights about Customer Service and Customer Relationship Management with them and the winners of the Customer Relationship Excellence Awards.

At this CRE Leadership Summit, distinguished speakers from government, academia and market leaders in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific Region will inspire you with the innovative ideas and CRM wisdom on the following subject matters:

1. Customer Relationship Management and Integrated Service Excellence
2. Customer Service Quality Standard
3. CIS and BPO Service Excellence
4. Customer Driven Relationship Management
5. Mission Critical Support
6. Service Quality and Customer Experience
7. Customer Service Knowledge Management

      How do you retain your valuable customers during recession?

      How do you maintain your competitiveness in the global crisis?

      How do you achieve leadership in different areas to survive with growth?

      How do you create sustainable business success with innovation and CRM?

      How to reduce business costs with self services and environmental strategies?

Don't hesitate to register for the Leadership Summit 2009 to get the answers NOW!

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