Key to Achieve Customer Relationship Excellence -

Shenzhen Gas Corporation Ltd.

In this knowledge email, we would like to share how Shenzhen Gas Corporation Ltd., the winner of 2017 Customer Relationship Excellence Awards in the category of "Customer Relationship Excellence - Outstanding Achievement China", "Contact Center of the Year (Public Utility – Under 100 Seats)", "Customer Service Center of the Year (Public Utility – China)" and "Online Customer Service of the Year (Public Utility)", achieves Customer Relationship Excellence (CRE) Awards.

The service concept of Shenzhen Gas is “respectful,professional,trustworthy,and caring”. The company takes the customer demands as its orientation and strives to improve the management process, committed to become a professional city gas operators, provide friendly, warm, excellent service, to create extraordinary value for the citizens of Shenzhen.

High customer satisfaction and low customer complaint rate

  • Customer satisfaction rate exceeds 97% and customer satisfaction exceeds 85 points.

  • To be NO.1 in Shenzhen various service trades public satisfaction index for many times.

  • To be NO.1 in Shenzhen public utilities public satisfaction index for many times.

  • The complaint rate is less than 2/100,000.

Efficient service network

  • The company has 110 service outlets and 1300 on-site service staff.

  • The call center has 79 seats, more than 96 customer service representatives, and 1 disaster recovery base. It achieved full 24-hour manual reception, and the call-taking rate exceeded 97%.

  • Provide 24-hour offline self-service terminal and online service platform.

Smart gas service model

  • WeChat, Alipay, online business offices and other omni-channel services, with an average annual business volume of more than 10 million.

  • Efficient customer information systems to achieve business information recording and automatic transfer.

  • Employees work with mobile terminal on-site service, which can exchange information in real time

  • The information system realizes real-time visualization and analysis of service operation indicators.

Multiple channels to collect customer feedback

  • Through telephone interviews, a third-party customer satisfaction evaluation, mystery customer surveys, service checks and other multi-channel listen to our customers.

  • The customer demand focus is decomposed into the service control index system, using tools such as the Balanced Scorecard to create quantify organizational performance appraisal system, the core business to achieve full quantitative indicators monitoring.

Shenzhen Gas Group Co., Ltd. received the trophies and certificates of 2017 International CRE Awards.


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“It is a great honour for Shenzhen Gas to win the Outstanding Customer Relationship Excellence Award. We would like to thank our customers and the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium for their recognition and encouragement of our quality service. In recent years, Shenzhen Gas has been committed to using internet technology to create smart gas services. Through various information and innovation methods, we have continuously improved the efficient and convenient service experience. In the future, we will continue to work hard, blaze new trails, and provide users with a more intimate, Professional and quality service.”

Mr. Li Shutao, General Manager of Customer Service Management Department
Shenzhen Gas Group Co., Ltd.