Messages from Government Organizations & other Associations
Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) - 2017

Mr. Edward Yau Tang-wah, GBS, JP
Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Financial Secretary's Office - 1998

Donald Tsang
Financial Secretary
Government of the Hong Kong
Special Administrative Region

Services contribute over 84% of Hong Kong's economy. As we move higher up the value-added chain, we need to find new ways to create value in order to sustain our economic growth. So the quality of our services is becoming increasingly important.

Service quality, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder-and that means the customer. Discerning customers today look for personable front-line staff, speedy delivery, serious after-sales service, sensitive responses to customer comments, and above all, better value for money. By providing quality service that meets-or better still, exceeds-customer expectations, we will be able to forge ahead despite the mounting competition.

Given the importance to the economy of a commitment to quality, the Government is doing all it can to nurture and promote a service culture. I note with great pleasure that our efforts are receiving an encouraging response from the community and that a number of reputable Hong Kong enterprises are pooling their resources to improve service standards.

The formation of the Hong Kong Customer Service Consortium once again exemplifies the kind of public-private partnership that makes Hong Kong tick. I salute the efforts by all the program founding members and wish the Consortium every success in its future endeavors.

Trade and Industry Bureau - 1998

Hong Kong Trade Development Council - 1998

Michael Sze
Executive Director
Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Hong Kong's services sector is among the most developed in Asia. The performance of Hong Kong service industries is remarkable and the quality of services provided has been recognized as one of the highest in the world. Hong Kong is also the ninth-largest exporters of services in the world. The rapid evolution of Hong Kong from a manufacturing to a services economy makes it increasingly important for the Hong Kong Trade Development Council to develop its resources both in Hong Kong and across its branch offices network worldwide to promote the territory's services strengths.

Since our economic future is inextricably linked to the development of the services sector, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council is fully committed to supporting the industry's efforts to upgrade the standards of service. The establishment of the Hong Kong Customer Service Consortium marks a significant step towards this end. I have no doubt that the Consortium will continue its endeavors in this regard in the years ahead. I wish the Consortium and its program founding members every success in the future.

Hong Kong Tourist Association - 1998

Amy Chan
Executive Director
Hong Kong Tourist Association

As the body responsible for marketing Hong Kong as a travel destination, the Hong Kong Tourist Association is very much aware of the importance of courtesy and high standards of service in the community. Some 12% of Hong Kong's workforce work directly or indirectly in the tourism industry and a wide range of Hong Kong's businesses are on the "front line" as far as visitors to the territory are concerned. For example, our retail, entertainment and hospitality industries are all heavily involved in and, to a certain extent, reliant on tourism.

And the increased sophistication of the modern traveler means that he or she expects exceptional standards of service from all elements of his or her chosen destination. In addition, word-of-mouth recommendation is fast becoming one of the most influential elements in choosing a travel destination. This is why it is doubly important that Hong Kong acquit itself exceptionally in this area. Making our visitors feel welcome, being a good host and offering outstanding customer service will bring benefits to all sectors of our community. Financially, tourism is one of the cornerstones of Hong Kong's economy, being one of the territory's largest earners of foreign exchange. The industry is also one of Hong Kong's largest employers, as well as a provider, indirectly, of a wide range of facilities and attractions that are enjoyed by local residents as well as visitors.

This vital role means that the health of the tourism industry is important to everyone in Hong Kong. And everyone in Hong Kong has a part to play in ensuring that the industry goes from strength to strength. Increasingly, Hong Kong's companies are realizing the potential long-term benefits of excellent customer service and working together-in such groups as the Hong Kong Customer Service Consortium (HKCSC) - to further improve standards in this area. The HKTA supports all such initiatives and, through its own programmes, works hard in cooperation with a wide range of other relevant bodies to encourage the entire Hong Kong community to recognize the importance of tourism, and strives to ensure that this awareness has an effect on and becomes a part of everyone's daily life. I wish the HKCSC the very best of success in their work and look forward to working closely with the Consortium in the near future.

Consumer Council - 1998

The Consumer Council welcomes the decision of the Consortium Members to establish a forum where they can work together to improve the quality of service to consumers through the exchange of ideas and information and through joint research projects.

We congratulate the companies concerned on their initiative in setting up the consortium, which we hope will be an example to other companies, who could benefit consumers and themselves by setting up similar organizations.

Hong Kong Retail Management Association - 1998

Philip Ma
Hong Kong Retail Management Association

Hong Kong has always been one of the most favorite shopping destinations as well as a frequent destination for business travelers around the world. The supreme range of products and services available here makes Hong Kong a true universal shopping and business centre.

The Hong Kong Retail Management Association has always been at the forefront in promoting the importance of quality service within the retail sector. 'Quality Service' is no longer a luxury but a necessity that allows businesses a competitive edge to succeed and is a component of our business that clearly awards attention. It is important to extend such awareness and to encourage the continuation of service excellence beyond retail boundaries to all the service industries in Hong Kong.

Our Association is delighted that more businesses and individuals are devoting their efforts towards promoting and improving Hong Kong's service standards and in coming together for a common cause. I congratulate the Hong Kong Customer Service Consortium on their inauguration. Let's join forces to promote this message of Service Excellence and in achieving the highest service standards for Hong Kong. On behalf of the Hong Kong Retail Management Association, I wish the Consortium every success in the years ahead.

Customer Service Institute of Australia - 2008

Brett Whitford
Executive Director
Customer Service Institute of Australia

Thank you for the opportunity once again to be an adviser to your very prestigious Customer Relationship Excellence Awards. We have had a tremendous association with the Hong Kong Customer Service Consortium and the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium and have seen the quality of awards submissions and organizations recognized improve every year. We value our association with the Hong Kong Customer Service Consortium and the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium, as joint foundation members of the International Council of Customer Service Organizations and with the Customer Service Institute of Australia. We congratulate you on your 10th Anniversary and look forward to many more years promoting service excellence around the globe.

The University of Hong Kong - 2008

Prof. George Huang
Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
The University of Hong Kong

Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of HKCSC and APCSC for their dedication in customer service research and practice, CRM benchmarking and promotion of Customer Relationship Excellence and Customer Service Quality Standards in international cities in Asia. Together with founding members from different industries, I have been very pleased to work on the Customer Service Research Consortium Program at Hong Kong University. I am also pleased to note that many of the research topics have created excellent impact to improve customer service quality and management in many organizations and business units. I look forward to more collaboration with APCSC with development programs to enhance the service economy worldwide!


Help Desk Institute Japan - 2008

Mr. Tatsumi Yamashita
CEO of Help Desk Institute Japan

Congratulations to APCSC on her 10th anniversary. APCSC has gone through a remarkable period of success in promoting service excellence and quality standards in the Asia Pacific. It is my honor to be an adviser and member of the 2007 Customer Relationship Excellence Awards panel of judges. Please also accept my sincere congratulations upon Customer Relationship Excellence Awards Winners. In addition, thank you very much for inviting me to speak and participate in the APCSC CRE & CSQS Summit and the CRE Awards dinner ceremony. These events were very productive in knowledge sharing and wonderful learning opportunities for all international support professionals. HDI-Japan is cooperating with APCSC to enhance the support service industries in Asia Pacific continuously.