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Certificate in Customer Service Management (CCSM)


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Overview & Objective
This four-day course will cover the basic and advanced topics in Customer Service Management that enable the participants to increase their awareness and knowledge of the latest development of Customer Service in terms of technology as well as management concept. Customer Service Managers will also learn how to develop appropriate plans to integrate the Customer Service Center within the organization and bring new insights, set visions and lead Customer Service teams. Whether implementing a new Customer Service or rejuvenating an existing one, participants will be prepared for the challenges.

This four -day course addresses the importance of managing the Customer Service outputs and exceeding customer expectations by elevating customer care and professionalism at the Customer Service Center.

Course Discussions and Exercise
Lots of Peer-to-Peer consulting opportunities and exercises allowing participants immediately apply the contents that they have learnt in class. In-class activities are designed to address a broad range of Customer Service Center environments.

Certification Procedures
To achieve the Customer Service Management Certification, participants should attend the four-day course, complete the written exam and submit a project paper. The written exam takes approximately 2 hours. All exams are on pass / fail basis.

Who Should Attend
Suitable for all levels of staff from Directors to Supervisors involved with CRM, Customer Services, Sales and Marketing. Prior knowledge of Customer Service Center is an advantage but not essential.

Entry requirements
•HKCEE 5 subject passes, including English Language and Mathematics
•with 2 years business related experience; OR - Aged 21 or above with 2 years experience in business related field; OR - A recognized degree; OR - Holding the managerial position

Course Outline

A Strategic Partner To The Business
• Contribution of The Contact Center
• Customer Contact Matrix
• Developing A World-Class Contact Center Framework
• Supply – Demand Ratio for Services

Managing Operation
• SLA and SLM
• Staffing Model
• Workforce Management
• Quality Assurance
• Best-in-Class CRM Benchmarking

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• CRM Stages for Analytics
• CRM Implementation Foundation
• Managing CRM Project for Success
• Successful Business Case Study

Managing Customer Satisfaction
• Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
• Linking Satisfaction to Business Results
• Customer Satisfaction Survey

Planning Customer Satisfaction Research on Contact Center
• Internal Planning
• Determination of Performance Attributes
• Satisfaction Improvement Initiatives


Managing Technology
• Today’s CRM & Contact Center Technologies
• Technology Selection & Vendor Assessment
• Knowledge Management
• Disaster Recovery Plan

Managing People & Performance
• Recruitment, Retention Strategies
• Training and Career Development Best Practices
• Rewards & Recognition Management
• Critical Coaching Skills

Managing A Business Unit
• Competencies of a Contact Center Manager
• Building a Successful Team
• Managing Finance
• Creating Your Business Services
• Interdepartmental Linkage & Effective Communication
• Leadership Behaviors

World-Class Customer Service Framework
• Strategic Value of Customer Service
• World Class Foundations
• The Need and Benefits of Standard
• Customer Communication Strategy

Customer Service Center Analysis
• Customer Metrics and Measures
• Calculating call / customer service transaction volume & staffing requirements
• Customer Experience Audit
• Customer Contingency Plan
• Customer Behaivor Analysis
• Trend Analysis, Prediction and Prevention

Quality Assurance
• QA Systems, Tools and Implementation
• QA Problems and Preventions
• Mystery Shopping Program Success Factors
• Customer Feedback and Reporting
• Compliance Measurement
• Review Frequency

The Customer Service Quality Standard and Site Audit
• International Quality Standards and Certifications
• Audit Technique and Score Card
• Management Responsibilities
• Resource Management
• Process Management
• Performance Measurement
• Integration with the Balanced Score Card

Process Improvement and Problem Solving
• Creating and Mapping Customer Service Processes and Workflow
• Measuring Process Performance
• Business Process Improvement
• Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
• Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis

Best-in-Class CRM Benchmarking
• 360 Degree Benchmarking & Improving for World Class Standards
• Customer Satisfaction Measurement
• Mystery Calls and Mystery Shopping
• Process & Performance
• Technology

Customer Service Statistics and Numbers
• Key Performance Indicators and Metrics
• Definitions, Measurement & Improvement
• Analysis and Reporting for Management Review

Knowledge Management
• Knowledge Management Key Success Factors
• Successful Measures and KPI’s for KM
• Develop the Customer Service Knowledge Management (CSKM)
• ROI on Knowledge Management


For schedule & registration, please click here