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  Global Certification


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    Scheduled Open Courses Training

These are the intensive training of our global certificate programs. Any interested professionals in the customer service industry could participate. The courses would held in the scheduled time and location in Hong Kong.

    Customized On-Site Training

Any of our global certificate courses can be reconfigured and scheduled into Topical Training conducted in-house at your place.

    Why you should and how to apply the on-site training  
  • Cost-effective and time-focused, as our trainer would come to your site and provide such training for numbers exceeding 12 attendees.

  • Customized courses that would be highly in line with your special business challenges in your customer service center.

  • Team-based, as delegates will be learning from the trainer as well as from each other as class discussions focus freely on your center's specific needs.

  • Consultative, as the trainer will not just be a content specialist but also a consultant who can provide insights into the needs at you center in the subject matter being discussed.