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  Certified Customer Relationship Management Manager (CRMM)

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Overview & Objective

Establishing and sustaining life-long customer relationship is the key to success in the new interactive economy.  Differentiating customer treatment based on customers needs and values hold the key to increase customer loyalty, satisfaction and profitability. The course incorporates group interaction, real life case study scenarios and dynamic facilitation of course materials to create a positive and exciting experience.

Successful Customer Relationship Management Director will learn how to strategically align their organizations to build profitable customer relationship.  This course provides you with the knowledge and tools you need to create long-term strategies that meet business growth and customer lifetime value and CRM implementation objectives.

Teaching Activities
Lots of Peer-to-Peer consulting opportunities and exercises allowing participants immediately apply the contents that they have learnt in class. In-class activities are designed to accommodate a broad range of CRM environments.

Certification Procedures

To achieve the CRM Manager Certification, participants should attend the two-day course, complete an online exam and submit a CRMM project paper.  Each participant has 1 month from the course date to complete the online exam.  It takes approximately 1 hour.  The exam scope covers the CRM strategy, practices and processes presented in the course.  All exams are on pass / fail basis.  If necessary, a CRM Certified Instructor will review your project with you and help you plan for success.

Who Should Attend
Suitable for all levels of staff involved with CRM. Prior knowledge of CRM techniques is an advantage but not essential.


Course Outline  

Managing Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

• Linking Satisfaction to Business Results

• Customer Satisfaction Survey


CRM's Return on Investment

• Justifying Investments

• Working with decision makers

• The 6-Step ROI Process

• Quantifying the benefits and costs of a solution

• Best Practices on how to present your ROI case

• Case Study: Calculating your ROI


CRM Systems

• Building a 360 degree view of the Customer

• Differentiating between various information types

• Know who are the key providers of CRM information systems

• Selecting and Managing CRM Vendors

• Understand more about calculating the Total Cost of Ownership of IT equipment


Successful CRM Strategy

• CRM and Business Impact

• Importance of CRM within the Enterprise

• CRM - Major Areas

• Aligning your Corporate Strategy

• 3 phases of CRM


CRM Project Management

• Formulating a solid CRM vision

• Best Practices for management buy-in

• Relationship between business processes and CRM implementation

• Effectively select a CRM vendor

• CRM projects & Change Management
• 7 critical steps for a successful CRM implementation

• Top 10 reasons why CRM projects fail 


Managing Technology

• Today s CRM Technology

• Getting Through To Your Customer Touchpoint

• Processing Customer Requirements & Data

• Knowledge Management

• Linkages of Contact Functions

• Disaster Recovery Plan


For schedule & registration, please click here