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  Complaint Handling and Stress Management (CHSM)

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Overview & Objective
Contact Center or Customer Service Center is recognized as one of the most stressful working environments. Failure to address this issue can reduce profitability through increased staff absenteeism or turnover and a decrease in revenue resulting from dissatisfied customers going elsewhere.

This workshop is designed to meet the needs of front-line staff, faced with difficult customers and related stress, learning what techniques work for you, and applying those techniques effectively and proactively at work. The techniques in this workshop will help front-line staff diffuse adverse situations, handle customer complaints, and increase customer retention and satisfaction.

Course Discussions and Exercise
Lots of Peer-to-Peer consulting opportunities and exercises allowing participants immediately apply what they have learnt in class.

Who Should Attend
Team Leaders, Officers and Executives of Contact Centers/Customer Services as well as people who would like to learn more about stress management techniques.


Course Outline

The Value and Function of a Contact Center

• The changing role of your Contact Center
• The Value of a Customer Contact and Effective Contact Management
• Best Practice, world-class Contact Center


Best Practice in Customer Service

 The Spirits of Best Practice

Break the Norm

Take Control

 How to create “Little Nice Surprise”

 Doing no wrongs vs being appreciated


 The Arts of Words - F.A.S.T.


How to Say “NO”


Strategic Customer Service Skills - Learn the formula on how to:

 Improve Efficiency

 Create Consistency

 Manage Customer Expectation

 Reduce Potential Complaints

 Increase Customer Satisfaction


Complaints Handling

Impact & Benefits of Complaints

Steps of Effective Complaint Handling

Dos and Don’ts in Complaint Handling


Handling Difficult Customers

  Know your difficult customers

 Develop communication strategies


Stress Management

 Health Check

 Strategies to reduce or eliminate sources of stress

 Learn how to improve your emotional reactions and

avoid negative impact to your relationship with

customers, colleagues and your family



For schedule & registration, please click here