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  Customer Satisfaction Survey and Management Workshop

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Overview & Objective
This two-day workshop will cover the basic and advanced topics in On-line and Off-line Customer Satisfaction Survey and Management that enable the participants to increase their awareness and knowledge of the Customer Satisfaction Survey in terms of methodology as well as management concept. Participants will also learn how to develop appropriate plans to integrate the survey.

This two-day course addresses the importance of managing Customer Satisfaction Survey and exceeding customer expectations by analyzing the results from the survey. Participants will have a complete and systematic learning of every aspect of satisfaction survey from designing to presenting.

ADDITIONAL BENEFIT of this workshop: Participants will receive a general report of the eSurvey on one industry (Internet Banking, Internet Securities Trading, Internet Purchasing)

Course Discussions and Exercise
Lots of Peer-to-Peer consulting opportunities and exercises allowing participants immediately apply the contents that they have learnt in class.

Practical Case Study
Experience sharing, lesson learned and findings in the online customer satisfaction and loyalty survey in HK:-

• Internet Banking
• Internet Securities Trading
• Internet Purchasing

Who Should Attend
Head of Service Quality, Head of Operations, Branch Director, Head of Customer Service, General Manager, Marketing Director

Course Outline

How to Design a Successful On-line and Off-line Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Survey
• Questionnaire Design
• Focus Group
• Infrastructure for online survey
• Analysis


Advances In Customer Satisfaction Management Introducing / Understanding Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty
• What Is Customer Satisfaction?
• Impact of Customer Satisfaction
• Who Are Your Customers?
• What Are Customers Expectations?
• Performance Gap Analysis
• Voice of Customers

Problem Definition & Model Formulation
• Qualitative Research
• Analysis of Past Data
• Attrition Research
• Latest Model Development
• Transactional vs. Relationship Survey

Program Design
• Questionnaire Design & Scaling
• Sampling
• Means of Data Collection

Performance Metrics
• Reliability of Metrics
• Performance Tracking

Competitive Measures
• Benchmarking
• Gap Analysis
• Value Mapping

Tracking System
• Goal Setting
• Continuous Feedback
• Testing New Initiatives

Action Plan For Improvement
• Quadrant Charts
• Key Drivers Analysis
• Best Practices

Strategic Analysis
• Loyalty Modeling
• Recovery Strategies
• What if? Analysis
• Payoff Analysis
• Pitfalls of Regression Model
• Advanced Statistical Tools

Program Evaluation
• Impact Analysis
• Program Refinement

Presenting CSM Results
• Actionable/Informative Output


For schedule & registration, please click here