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Benefit & Overview


With increasing deployment of telemarketing operations in Hong Kong and China, many companies are keen to increase operating efficiency, increase conversion rate and to increase revenues through consultative selling opportunities generated from the Contact Center.


As a result, APCSC is inviting many leading companies from Banking, Telecom, Insurance, Financial Services, Securities to participate in the Telemarketing Contact Center Benchmarking Program.


APCSC’s benchmarking program serves as a strategic business assessment and audit to identify gaps in CRM and telemarketing business performance, as well as areas in which these strategic business units need attention. APCSC has formulated this program to help companies identify areas in which improvements can greatly increase customer acquisition, retention and repeat businesses.


There are various areas covered within the service operation and it is every company’s goal to provide their customers with the best possible customer contact experience. The immediate benefits of benchmarking are very clear and enable your company to:

  • Understand industry trends and best practices on CRM and Call Centre Integration, Knowledge Management.

  • Gain a better ROI: Closing performance gaps and adopt best practices in reduced costs & increased business opportunities.

  • Perform industry competitive analysis

  • Share key business intelligence with management team.

  • Set goals for your future business strategy and technology investments based on the detailed benchmarking research.  

  • Identification of your best practices for market recognition from APCSC Benchmarking Best-in-Class (BIC) recognition.

  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity.

  • World Class Customer Service Standard.

For all these reasons, frequently benchmarking your telemarketing center performance against a Peer Group of similar centers is a mandatory step in being competitive.

We have an experienced team of dedicated professionals to carry out this important Telemarketing & CRM Benchmarking Research. APCSC is here to provide you vital findings to help your business grow.

Selection of leading companies covered since inauguration

Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific Holidays


CITIC KaWah Bank

Dao Heng Insurance


Dragon Airlines


Hong Kong CSL

HSBC Insurance


PCCW Limited


SmarTone Mobile



Virgin Atlantic Airways


Industries covered
Airlines, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Government, Outsourcing Service Provider, Utilities, Transportation, Service Centers.


360ºBenchmarking Methodologies
The Project is divided into three parts with objectives and purpose outlined below.


Benchmarking Self Assessment
A self assessment questionnaire is completed followed by and interview and site visit. The different areas of Telemarketing Call Centre will tentatively include the following:


KPIs -

Conversion Rate/Contact rate
Effectiveness of Outbound Call Cost/Sales per Call
Cost/Sales per Professional Hour

Churn Rate/Lapse Rate/Deactivate Rate

Telemarketing Campaigns - Nature of Telemarketing Campaigns
Objective of Telemarketing Campaigns
Testing of Telemarketing Campaigns
Lead/Marketing - Lead Generation/Building
Target Customer
Lead Update/Cleansing
Database Usage Frequency
Do Not Call List
HR Policy and Salary - Basic Salary, Incentives, Commission
Recruitment, Training
Staff Retention
Technology - Predictive Dialer/IVR
Call Recording
Financial - Costs, Revenue, Budget, ROI
Outsourcing Cost
Knowledge Management - Information transformation maintenance, systems

Plus Best Practices in many aspects

Mystery Calls
Mystery calls will be made to assess the Inbound Telemarketing Center participating unit to give a feedback on the service level, areas covered in the above surveys and benchmarking categories, plus other analysis including, but not limited to, tone, attitude.

Customer Survey
With follow-up calls to customers’ direct input and qualitative telephone interviews, the questionnaire consists of high impact questions relating to the Telemarketing Services provided to the customers on their acceptance, satisfaction and loyalty outcomes on the categories listed here:
Perceived friendliness and value offer Customer Experience
Dimensions of Service Quality Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

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