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Benefit & Overview

The Customer Service Industry is a key service industry in Hong Kong and ranks among the 2nd largest service sector. As a major service industry of Hong Kong, professionalism of customer service practitioners is vital to the long-term competitiveness of the industry. Frequently benchmarking your center is a mandatory step in ensuring professionalism.

By participating and subscribing to our Benchmarking Club, you will be able to:-

  • Understand industry trends and best practices on business, process & performance, people, technology, financial metrics and Knowledge Management, Salary and Benefits.

  • Gain a significant Return On Investment (ROI): Closing performance gaps can result in reduced costs and increased revenue opportunities.

  • Set goals for your division using 360º benchmarking standard based on objective and detailed benchmarking research.

  • Perform competitive analysis

  • Understand the feedback and comments from your customers

  • Enable participating companies to gauge their company’s service performance and in identifying areas that required performance improvements

Industries covered
Airlines, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Government, Outsourcing Service Provider, Utilities, Transportation, Service Centers.

Selection of leading companies covered since inauguration

Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific Holidays


CITIC KaWah Bank

Dao Heng Insurance


Dragon Airlines


HSBC Insurance


PCCW Limited


SmarTone Mobile



Virgin Atlantic Airways


360ºBenchmarking Methodologies
The Project is divided into three parts with objectives and purpose outlined below.

This part requires the participating company to fill out a questionnaire together with an interview and site visit. The different areas of Customer Service Center will tentatively include the following:

Knowledge Management


Information transformation, maintenance, systems

Salary & Benefits


Front-line, team leader, Contact Center manager, head



Strategy, Organization, ROI

Process & Performance


KPIs, CRM Indicators, SLA



Recruitment, Motivation, Retention, Development






Costs, Revenue, Budget

Plus Best Practices in many aspects

Customer Survey
With follow-up interview to customers’ direct input, the questionnaire consists of high impact questions relating to the Customer Service Center Services provided to the customers on their acceptance, satisfaction and loyalty outcomes on the categories listed here:

Perceived usefulness

Perceived ease of use

Dimensions of Service Quality

Customer’s Attitudes

Customer’s Behavioral Intention

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

This part also asks for open-end questions as well as the demographic information about the respondents.

Mystery Shopper
Using a team of well-trained mystery shoppers, mystery visits will be conducted among the service center of participating companies, areas covered in the above surveys and benchmarking categories, plus other analysis including, but not limited to, attitude, knowledge, professionalism.

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