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Benefit & Overview

By participating and subscribing to our Benchmarking Club, you will be able to:-

  • Identify and evaluate the critical factors influencing customer acceptance of your online service portal.

  • Measure and track the performance level of critical service attributes relating to the effectiveness of your online service portal.

  • Benchmark the performance and reliability of your online service portal through a 360 degree view using customer centric metrics.

  • Highlight the individual strengths and weaknesses of your online service portal by gathering customer feedback.

Industries Covered
Internet Banking, Internet Securities Trading, Internet, Service Providers, Internet Travel, IT and Computer Vendors, Online Shopping, Retail &Commercial Outlets

Leading companies covered
since inauguration

Tai Fook Securities

Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific Holidays

CITIC Ka Wah Bank

Virgin Atlantic


Chow Sang Sang Securities

Standard Chartered Bank


United Airlines

Dragon Airlines



Singapore Airlines

Japan Airlines

Hang Seng Bank







360ºBenchmarking Methodologies
The Project is divided into three parts with objectives and purpose outlined as follows:-

Benchmarking Questionnaire
Participating Companies complete a comprehensive questionnaire, providing information relating to their online service portal. The findings will be benchmarked against industry peers and will include areas such as, but not limited to:-
·    Support Channels (IM etc) ·    Enquiry Response Times
·    Language Capability ·    Enquiry Resolution Rates
·    Monthly Hit Rate ·    Portal Availability
·    Browser Support ·    User Friendliness
·    Security ·    Technology

Customer Satisfaction Survey
A cross section of customers who use your portal on a regular basis will be invited to participate in an online survey. Quantitative feedback and qualitative data on a 5-point scale will be gathered regarding all of the service portal functions and features using customer centric metrics:-

·    FAQ’s

·    Ease of Navigation

·    Self Help Systems

·    Customer Forums

·    Speed & Performance

·    Content Quality

·    Security

·    Customer Loyalty

Mystery Shopper
In addition to the Customer Satisfaction survey, our team of experts will thoroughly utilize the services on your portal, making a professional assessment on the performance and usability. In addition, information requests will be made to assess response times and solution quality.

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