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Global Certification
Certified Contact Center Manager (CCCM)
Certified Customer Service Analyst & Auditor (CCSA)
Certified Contact Center 
Supervisor (CCCS)
Certified Contact Center Professional (CCCP)
Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP)
Certificate in Customer Service Management (CCSM)
Certificate in Service Excellence Leadership (CSEL)
Certificate in Professional Customer Service (CPCS)
Certified Telemarketing Supervisor (CTMS)



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  • Succeed in implementing the world class CSQS to achieve international service class standing

  • Integrate with the most widely-used ISO international quality standard and the balanced scorecard (BSC) performance management system, to reduce reinvestment costs from establishing and applying different standards and systems and further enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction

  • Establish the most comprehensive customer-centric world class framework through the most comprehensive Accreditation Scheme

  • Enhance overall effectiveness, streamline processes, and deliver ever improving services with reduced cost

  • Improve business performance effectively, enhance the partnership between customers and firms, and develop continuous value adding as the corporate culture through customer-centric transformation strategy

  • Engage the management and frontline staff to support the vision and mission of Customer Relationship Excellence as the core value of the organization

  • Improve Best Practices, Capability and Efficiency of organizational performance to increase Return on Investment and Brand Value

  • Increase corporate profitability, contributing to the marketplace success and better return for shareholders


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