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Global Certification
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Certified Contact Center 
Supervisor (CCCS)
Certified Contact Center Professional (CCCP)
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Certified Telemarketing Supervisor (CTMS)


Asia Pacific CSQS Committee

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Asia Pacific CSQS Committee

The CSQS is supported by the Standards Consortium that comprises of leading companies throughout the region.


The Standard and the Committee will bring to the Service Industry much benefits and long term contribution; and the Standard will accelerate the maturity and professional development in particular the organizational effectiveness and integration of customer service, contact center and quality of outsourcing service sector.   

Several industry leaders including:- 

  • AIA Company Limited

  • AXA China Region Insurance Company Limited

  • China Pacific Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

  • China Telecom Global Ltd.

  • DHL Express Singapore

  • Haier Electrical Appliances Corp. Ltd.

  • Hang Lung Properties Ltd.

  • Henderson Land Group Property Management Department – Well Born Real Estate Management and Hang Yick Properties Management

  • Lenovo Services

  • Mead Johnson Nutrition (Hong Kong) Ltd

  • Prudential Hong Kong Ltd.

  • Quality HealthCare Medical Services Ltd

  • PCCW Ltd.

  • The Hong Kong Jockey Club

  • The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd.

Industry quality experts include:

  • Prof. George Huang, Professor of HKU, joint-project leader for the CSQS

  • Professor Sam Ho, Founder Chair of  International Conference on ISO9000 and TQM (ICIT)

  • Dr. Ching-Chow Yang , Associate Professor, Chung-Yuan Christian University

  • Dr. Prasert Suttiprasit , Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University & Thai Award Examiner

  • Professor Wu Nengquan, The Professor and Manager Association of Sun Yatsen University

  • Mr. Victor Mok, CEO, North Asia, DHL Supply Chain

Since the introduction of the CSQS in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China, we are seeing a growing interest in the CSQS as more companies recognize the importance of elevating and raising the quality of service that is provided to customers.  Geographical location is unimportant these days – what matters are that we meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and raise the overall quality of the service we are providing. This is a common objective shared by all committee members.

Benefits and Obligations of the CSQS Committee:-

  • To join CSQS Committee Membership with the APCSC network and learn findings

  • To have access to the latest version on the Standard and to input, review, feedback on the Standard

  • To make use and adopt CSQS into customer service operation quality management system

  • To receive committee member discount on CSQS training and audit

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