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Global Certification
Certified Contact Center Manager (CCCM)
Certified Customer Service Analyst & Auditor (CCSA)
Certified Contact Center 
Supervisor (CCCS)
Certified Contact Center Professional (CCCP)
Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP)
Certificate in Customer Service Management (CCSM)
Certificate in Service Excellence Leadership (CSEL)
Certificate in Professional Customer Service (CPCS)
Certified Telemarketing Supervisor (CTMS)



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  • To drive Customer Relationship Excellence as core business value throughout the organization with endorsement from the top management to frontline operations

  • To improve organizational performance, best practices, capabilities, and results with Quality Management tools for continuing development of people, process and system

  • To audit and evaluate your service organization and systems with a World Class Framework for Strategic planning, Implementation, and Organization Integration

  • To serve as a working tool for understanding and managing performance and for guiding planning and opportunities for learning

  • To establish a common understanding of the customer service best practices

  • To drive Enterprise Knowledge Management of Customer Services meeting the CSQS framework and market competition

  • To serve as a recognition of a company’s outstanding performance and achieving customer relationship excellence through the use of best practices


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