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Winners of the 2006 Customer Relationship Excellence Awards

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Winner of the 2006 CRE Awards:
Outstanding Achievement ;
Best Use of Knowledge Management of the Year ;
Customer Service Center of the Year ;
Innovative Technology of the Year

"The provision of efficient and caring service to our customers is assigned central focus within the business and strategic initiatives of Dialog Telekom. Alignment to CSQS has provided the company with a structured roadmap aimed at the achievement of service excellence, and has facilitated regular benchmarking of the company’s performance with respect to service delivery. Our success at the CRE Awards reaffirms the company’s relentless pursuit of learning and best in class application in the sphere of customer service, and more importantly evidences the commitment and dedication of our service team to the delivery of a delightful service experience to our customers."

Dr. Hans Wijayasuriya , Director / Chief Executive Officer
Dialog Telekom PLC

Winner of the 2006 CRE Awards:
Best Use of Technology of the Year (Hospitality);
Consumer Relationship Marketing Service of the Year (Hospitality);
Corporate Service Team of the Year;
Customer Loyalty Program of the Year;
People Development Program of the Year (Hospitality)

"California Red Ltd. has been striving to provide high quality food & beverages and entertainment services to customers in the Asia Pacific region, and to build and promote healthy karaoke entertainment culture. California Red shops include "Red Box", "Green Box", "K Station", "YO Park" in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the Philippines, and "Red Dot" in China. We are honored to receive awards in as many as eight categories of the Customer Relationship Excellence Awards 2006. The awards are significant for us. Recognizing the service value of the karaoke industry, the awards should belong to all our staff and customers who have been supportive of California Red. During this competition, we also learnt from the experience of other industries. Encouraged by the recognition of the community, we will continue to pursue innovation and excellence and provide customers with quality, integrated and healthy F&B and entertaining services."

Mr. Anthony Lock, Managing Director
California Red Ltd.

Winner of the 2006 CRE Awards:
Shanghai Branch: Call Center of the Year (Insurance) ;
Shanxi Branch: Consumer Relationship Marketing Service of the Year (Insurance);
Beijing Branch: Customer Satisfaction Quality System of the Year (Insurance);
Jilin Branch: Customer Service Center of the Year (Insurance)

"We are very happy that four branches of our company are awarded by Asia-Pacific Customer Service Consortium this year for their service excellence. These awards truly recognize that "customer-oriented" culture and practices. The awards give us further competitiveness to innovate our customer service systems. We try to continue to make a difference in our service standards and gain customers’ trust forever."

Mr. Patrick Poon, Chairman of Operation Committee
China Pacific Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Winner of the 2006 CRE Awards:
Call Center of the Year (Commercial Market);
Outsourcing Team of the Year (BPO)

"It is with great pleasure to receive four awards in our first participation in APCSC’s CRE Awards, namely Call Centre of the Year (Commercial Market), Outsourcing Team of the Year (BPO) and two merit awards for our services professionals. The awards validates our customer-driven approach in understanding clients’ requirements and our commitment to cultivating a customer-oriented culture to offer quality business process outsourcing service and sophisticated call centre management to help enable clients’ businesses. We will continue to strive for continuous improvement to excel in customer relationship management."

Mr. Duncan Wong, Vice President, Customer and Systems Operations
Wharf T&T Limited

Winner of the 2006 CRE Awards:
Best Use of Technology of the Year (IT Integration);
Outsourcing Team of the Year (Contact Center)

"It is an honor for Chain Sea Information Integration Co., Ltd. to get these awards. We have to thank the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training in Taiwan for their determination to serve the general public and the planning and guidance of the officials to allow Chain Sea outsourcing team to strengthen its foundations. In the future, Chain Sea will continue the spirit of "Innovation, Service, and Communication". By applying the technologies to our services and improve business performance through our services, Chain Sea will seek continuous improvements in our services."

Mr. David Huang, CEO
Chain Sea Information Integration Co., Ltd

Winner of the 2006 CRE Awards:
Best Customer Experience Management of the Year;
Consumer Relationship Marketing Service of the Year (Property Development)

"As a public listed company in HK Stock Exchange Market, Forte, guided by the operating philosophy of "For Better Living," has been dedicated to offering high-quality products in real estate market from a human-caring perspective. After many years of unremitting efforts, Forte has gradually formed their own competence in precisely product positioning, mature multi-project management capability, high capital turning-over efficiency and perfect CRM system. It is Forte’s great honor to be entitled to the award of Consumer Relationship Marketing Service of the Year and the award of the Best Customer Experience Management of the Year. Forte aims to keep improving customer satisfaction and loyalty with unflagging efforts and perseverance. Through the operation with APCSC (Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium), Forte tries to establish a sound industry environment for the healthy development of CRM system in order to achieve constant upgrade of the whole customer service industry."

Ms. Zhang Yanhui, Director of the Division of Customer Relations
Shanghai Forte Land Co., Ltd.

Winner of the 2006 CRE Awards:
Best Use of Technology of the Year

"It is our honor to receive CRE Awards 2006 in the category of "Best Use of Technology of the Year". We are encouraged that our persistent effort in achieving world class supply reliability and service excellence, with the best use of technology, has earned recognition in the above award. With the very strong foundation and solid experience we have built up over the years in serving our customers, we are fully confident that we can continue to satisfy our customers’ needs in electricity supply services and reach new heights in all aspects of our operations."

Mr. Francis L.Y. Lee, Director & General Manager (Engineering)
The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd.

Winner of the 2006 CRE Awards:
Call Center of the Year;
Integrated Support Team of the Year (Consumer Market)

"It's our honor to receive two CRE Awards for 2006. They are "Call Centre of the Year" and "Integrated Support Team of the Year". As one of the founding members of HKCSC, Sony demonstrates our long-term dedication to excellence, as well as our continuous effort and expertise in driving best-in-class results to earn the increased trust and confidence of our customers. It also affirms our commitment to provide speedy, quality service to customers, delivering an increased level of satisfaction to the service experience of Sony customers. Sony will continue to make every effort to challenge and seek to raise its standards even higher to meet and exceed customer expectation."

Mr. Stephen Wong, Division Manager of Customer Service Division
Hong Kong Marketing Company, Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited

Winner of the 2006 CRE Awards:
Integrated Support Team of the Year (Telecommunications)

"With an aim to build a long term relationship with customers, Hong Kong Boardband Networks Ltd (HKBN) adopts "Account Servicing" concept in call centre operation for a mass market - residential customers. By adopting this concept, HKBN is able to enhance customer experience in every interaction and build a long term relationship with customers. The result can be reflected by higher spending per customer, low complaint rate, and higher customer satisfaction. The Account Servicing Team is named as SDU (Special Duty Unit), which implies team members are multi-skilled, have a tracked record of good performance, and are able to build a stronger relationship with customers at all contacts. Team members of SDU team come from Telesales team and Customer Service team. Through a series of intensive training on mindset, product, and skills training, the two teams are integrated successfully and achieve outstanding business results."

Mr. William Yeung, Chief Operating Officer
Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited

Winner of the 2006 CRE Awards:
High Speed Customer Service of the Year

"New World Telecom (NWT) is honoured to have received three Customer Relationship Excellence (CRE) Awards this year. Our professional and experienced customer services team is well poised to meet the challenges from the ever changing, dynamic telecom industry. We deliver timely and efficient customer services that facilitate the business development of the Company. Meanwhile, we are also dedicated to bring customers unrivaled personalized services with greater flexibility and convenience. In pursuit of service excellence, our well-trained professionals regularly review and appropriately alter staff training, operation process and performance management with the aim of reaching the highest level of customer satisfaction."

Ms. Anita Tam, General Manager, Customer Service
New World Telecommunications Limited

Winner of the 2006 CRE Awards:
Outsourcing Team of the Year 2006 (IT Services)

"HP Outsourcing Services provides a broad range of services to meet our clients’ business needs - from standardized repeatable offerings, to a comprehensive portfolio of outsourcing services. Our diverse capabilities, global delivery infrastructure, multi-vendor expertise, proven ITIL processes and ITSM methodologies, and collaborative partnering approach, enable HP to reduce IT operating costs and better align our clients' IT with the strategy and goals of their business. To receive this prestigious award, Outsourcing Team of the Year (IT Services), from the reputable Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium is both an honor and an encouragement. We will continue to deliver best customer experience and highest service standards to our customers."

Ms. Cally Chan, Country Manager, Outsourcing Services
Hewlett-Packard HK SAR Limited

Winner of the 2006 CRE Awards:
Customer Satisfaction Quality System of the Year (Property Management)

"Henderson Land Group Property Management Department - Well Born Real Estate Management and Hang Yick Properties Management, is honoured to receive the "Customer Satisfaction Quality System of the Year (Property Management)" from APCSC. Having received the award 4 years in a row since 2003, Well Born jointly participates in this year’s competition with Hang Yick and continues to demonstrate our strength in customer service. The award is a proof of our strong commitment in satisfying our customers by delivering sophisticated after-sales services. In future, we will continue to strive for even better services in the pursuit of excellence."

Mr. Suen Kwok Lam, MH, Managing Director
Henderson Land Group

Winner of the 2006 CRE Awards:
Call Center of the Year (Consumer Market)

"We are so honored to receive this eminent award. The award proves that our ZTE HANDSET CSC has achieved an excellent start and further proves our achievement in customer-focused strategy and our high standard management in customer service. We will continue to try our best in the coming years for the further success. Thanks for APCSC providing this great opportunity for us!"

Ms. Tan Huifeng, Director of ZTE HANDSET CSC

Winner of the 2006 CRE Awards:
People Development Program of the Year (Property Management)

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