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Winners of the 2009 Customer Relationship Excellence Awards

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Winner of the 2009 CRE Awards:
Contact Center of the Year 2009 (under 50 seats)

Customer Service Center of the Year 2009 (Insurance)
Customer Satisfaction Quality System of the Year 2009 (Insurance)

“We are honoured to receive three corporate CRE Awards, including Contact Centre of the Year (under 50 seats), Customer Service Centre of the Year (Insurance) and Customer Satisfaction Quality System of the Year (Insurance), and two individual awards (Insurance) for Customer Service Manager of the Year (Contact Centre) and Customer Service Team Leader of the Year (Contact Centre) from APSCS.  These awards are encouraging recognition for our continuous effort in meeting our customers' needs and living up to our brand promise of being Attentive, Reliable and Available.  The achievements of these awards also confirm our commitment to redefine customer experience in the insurance industry.  At AXA, we strive to achieve our ambition to become the preferred company for providing professional and comprehensive financial protection and wealth management services to people in Hong Kong.”

Mr. Stuart Harrison, Chief Executive Officer

AXA China Region Insurance Company Ltd.

Winner of the 2009CRE Awards:
Best Use of Technology of the Year 2009 (Telecommunications)
Contact Center of the Year 2009 (under 200 seats)

Outsourcing Team of the Year 2009 (Contact Center)

This is the first time that Chunghwa Telecom registers in Customer Relationship Excellence Award 2009 and we are very honored to receive award in four categories, including ‘Contact Center of the Year,’ ‘Outsourcing Team of the Year,’ ’Best Use of Technology of the Year’, and ‘CEO of the Year’. With ‘Focusing on Telecom Industry, Emphasizing on Professions, Enhancing Efficiency and Inspiring Services’ as the persistent principles, Chunghwa Telecom dedicates vast endeavor to become the most valuable and trust-worthy Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company.  Practicing the Call Center ‘3Q Customer Service Commitments’ (Quality, Quickly and Emotional Quotient), and always being willing to take responsibilities and challenges, we aim to become one world-class contact center and to provide best-in-class customer service with continual innovations and improvements. Through this award, we get to share valuable experiences with business leaders from various fields, and we deeply appreciate the amount of effort Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium has been putting on promoting CSQS. This award encourages us to proceed with our pursuit of excellence in customer service and customer relationship. Chunghwa Telecom will never cease pursuing excellence and perfection.

Dr. Alex Chien, CEO of Department of Customer Service

Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd

Winner of the 2009 CRE Awards:
Corporate Environmental & Social Leadership of the Year 2009 (Property Management)
Customer Service Center of the Year 2009 (Property Management)

“Henderson Land Group Property Management Department – Well Born Real Estate Management and Hang Yick Properties Management are honoured to be awarded ‘Corporate Environmental & Social Leadership of the Year’ and ‘Customer Service Center of the Year’ presented by the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium. The achievement has fully manifested our continuous commitment to strive for excellence in premium property management services. It is not only served as a proof of customer’s recognition, but also a great encouragement to motivate us to attain even better performance.”


Mr. Suen Kwok Lam, MH, Managing Director

Henderson Land Group

Winner of the 2009 CRE Awards:
Public Service of the Year 2009 (Government)

“On behalf of the Taipei City Government, I would like to first express my utmost appreciation to the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium (APCSC) for hosting this ceremony and awarding the 1999 Citizen Hotline in recognition of our effort in achieving customer relationship excellence. Through the evaluation of APCSC, I believe that the public is getting to know how much effort the City Government has pooled together in the field of public service. Also, I would like to thank the government employees and private sector partners of the 1999 Citizen Hotline. Without their selflessness and hard work, we could not have won this award. This honor shall further strengthen our belief—Citizen First and Efficient Governance. We will do our best to provide professional and excellent citizen services for all Taipei citizens and tourists in Taipei. Last but not least, the 2010 Taipei International Flora Expo is to be held from November 6th, 2010 to April 25th, 2011. I sincerely invite you to visit Taipei to enjoy this extravaganza.”

Mr. Yeong-ren Chen, Chairperson, Research, Development and Evaluation Committee

Taipei City Government

Winner of the 2009 CRE Awards:
Public Service of the Year 2009 (Public Utility)

“It is our great honour to have received the ‘Public Service of the Year’ Award under the corporate category for two consecutive years, plus five Awards under the individual categories in 2009 CRE Awards.  These awards are encouraging recognitions of our constant efforts in delivering excellent services to our customers.  They are also strong motivations to our frontline team. HK Electric is committed to the continuous pursuit of service excellence. We pledge to deliver ever better quality and more satisfying services to our customers, and will continue to serve them with dedication, care and sincerity.”

Mr. S.S. Yuen, Director of Operations

The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd.

Winner of the 2009 CRE Awards:
Contact Center of the Year 2009 (above 400 seats)

We are most delighted to achieve ‘Contact Centre of the Year’ and the other three of individual honors awarded by APCSC.As the leading air express company in China, DHL-Sinotrans aligns its business to the customer promise of ‘simplifying services’ and ‘sustainable solutions’, builds up and maintains a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with customer. Our excellent service has achieved solid trust from customer end, and further gone beyond their expectation much better. This award is a recognition for DHL-Sinotrans’ brand image of offering world-class service, which is also a motivation for us to continuously deliver excellent service in future.

Mr. Wu Dong Ming, Managing Director

DHL-Sinotrans International Air Courier Ltd.

Winner of the 2009 CRE Awards:
Consumer Relationship Marketing Service of the Year 2009 (Property Management)

People Development Program of the Year 2009 (Property Management)

“It is our honor to receive the Consumer Relationship Marketing Service of the Year & People Development Program of the Year (Property Management) from the APCSC. The CRE Awards is proof of our determination on corporate mission “To deliver premier service with ultimate courtesy, managing every property to the highest standard of quality”. Employees are our most valued asset. We will continue to place significant emphasis on staff training and personal development through multi-disciplinary trainings, excellent career prospects and remunerations to excel our team’s professional standards with a view to delivering eminent service to our customers.”

Mr. Alkin Kwong, Vice Chairman & Chief Executive

Hong Yip Service Company Limited

Winner of the 2009 CRE Awards:
Best Use of Knowledge Management of the Year 2009 (Healthcare)

Quality HealthCare Medical Services Ltd. (QHMS) is honored to receive the Customer Relationship Excellence (CRE) Awards under the corporate category of Best Use of Knowledge Management of the Year (Healthcare), recognizing our outstanding performance in customer relationship by applying and adopting effective knowledge management. We are most delighted and honored to be the recipient of this award. This is a tremendous encouragement and recognition of our dedicated efforts in promoting an active learning corporate culture, and through engaging and empowering our staff to consistently deliver positive service experience for all our customers. I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the efforts of all staff. Going forward, our organization will continue to devote resources into our enterprise knowledge management initiative, improving the system and platform and creating value for both our staff and customers.”

Dr. Lincoln Chee, Chief Executive Officer

Quality HealthCare Medical Services Limited

Winner of the 2009 CRE Awards:
People Development Program of the Year 2009 (Logistics)

“Kerry Logistics is honored to receive the Customer Relationship Excellence Awards presented by APCSC in the People Development Program of the Year (Logistics) category. With our home base in Asia and a strong focus on China, Kerry Logistics is committed to deliver the best logistics solutions to make our customers successful.  Our people are the vital lifeline of our business and the key contributor to our leading position in the industry.  We create real value for our employees through rewarding careers and encourage open communication and dialogue at every level of the company. We also nurture an environment that enables our staff to develop their entrepreneurial skills and realize their full potential. With our broad geographical network, our staff also has the opportunity to work in different countries allowing them to broaden their horizons and grow with the company.”


Mr Jesse Lui, Executive Director

Kerry Logistics

Winner of the 2009 CRE Awards:
Best Customer Experience Management of the Year 2009 (Property Management)

“We have the privilege to be awarded the “Best Customer Experience Management of the Year” in the CRE Awards for the third consecutive year. This is a testament to our commitment to the pursuit of service excellence. We always bear in mind that customers’ expectations are ever rising, so continual service improvement is our core philosophy. By adding in innovative service, maintaining a pleasant and exclusive living space as well as providing comprehensive job training for staff, we are determined to live up to if not exceed the expectations of our valuable customers. Thanks to Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium for the recognition, and certainly to our outstanding Service Team in Celestial Heights!”

Mr. Dicto Leung, General Manager
Goodwell Property Management Limited

Winner of the 2009 CRE Awards:
Field Support Team of the Year 2009 (Property Management)

With the mission of providing customer-oriented quality services, Citybase Property Management Ltd exercises our best endeavour to provide a world-class business and living environment and even to exceed customers’ expectations at all times.  It is our honour to be recognized and awarded excellent customer service for 3 consecutive years, while be presented Customer Relationship Excellence Award under the category ‘Field Support Team of The Year’ by APCSC this year. The Center, a Grade A commercial building on the Hong Kong Island managed by Citybase is supported by a comprehensive and professional management team.  With the synergy of various professional supports such as maintenance, cleaning, security and landscaping and the like, a supreme business environment as well as a harmony relationship with clients is successfully established.

Mr. H.K. Jim, General Manager
Citybase Property Management Ltd.

Winner of the 2009 CRE Awards:
Contact Center of the Year 2009 (under 150 seats)

We are very honored to receive four prestigious 2009 Asia Pacific Customer Relationship Excellence Awards, including the Best Contact Center of the Year and Customer Relationship Management Manager of the Year, which recognize DHL Taiwan's superior and professional customer service.  DHL views customer service as a key differentiator and has invested in this customer touch point. We are the only one within International Express industry who insists on human response on the 24-7 call center service to answer incoming customer phone calls in Taiwan. DHL Taiwan assisted 2.1 million calls in 2009 with the industry’s consistently shortest waiting time. We will continue to strive to deliver excellence to be our customers' first choice!

Mr. Chee Yaw Chek, General Manager

 DHL Express (Taiwan) Corp.

Winner of the 2009 CRE Awards:
Integrated Support Team of the Year 2009 (Property Management)

“Sino Property Services is most encouraged by the receipt of the prestigious CRE Awards this year (Integrated Support Team of the Year). It is a testimony of our continuous commitment to consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations. We attribute our ability to winning our customers’ support to our team’s determination in constantly improving our hardwares, softwares and peoplewares throughout the areas of estates management, security, parking, cleaning, maintenance and premium lifestyle services. The synergy is underpinned by our Company’s core value, which comprise integrity, customer first, teamwork, continuous improvement, preparedness and sense of urgency.”

Mr. Sunny Yeung, Executive Director

Sino Property Services

Winner of the 2009 CRE Awards:
Integrated Support Team of the Year 2009 (Insurance)

Endowed with the core value of commitment to business integrity in pursuit of steady growth and performance excellence, CPICLife has provided clients with custom-tailored insurance service, enhanced the customer service quality, and greatly emphasized on customers’ perceptions. Through various communications with customers, CPICLife has deepened the axiom of making commitment with heart and holding responsibility with love constantly. With euphoria and alacrity brimming in my heart, I was initiated with the glad tidings that China Pacific Life had won CRE Awards for the fourth time in a row. The award not only testifies to the public acknowledgement of client-oriented service philosophy of our company, but also vindicates the public approval of the exertion and commitment contributed by the whole service group of China Pacific Life, and even serves as an incentive and appreciation for the service brand of the company! For this, we shall scrupulously abide by the strategic objective of building itself into an internationalized insurance and finance service group focusing on the insurance business, stepping steadily towards a modern financial group with excellent crediting standing, outstanding brand, prudent financial operation and outstanding services and profits so as to do well in the practice and innovation of insurance service.”

Mr. Patrick Poon, Chairman of the operation committee

China Pacific Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Customer Service Center

Winner of the 2009 CRE Awards:
Global Support Services of the Year 2009 (ICT)

Customer Satisfaction Quality System of the Year 2009 (ICT)

“As a new entrant to the Customer Relationship Excellence (CRE) Awards, I feel very delighted to see APGC CSS is the winner of both ‘Global Support Services of the Year’ and ‘Customer Satisfaction Quality System of the Year’, thank you Chairman Jason Chu and other judges in the CRE Awards Committee for recognizing what we have done. As the first global technical support center established by a Fortune 500 company in China, our organization was promoted from serving customers from Greater China Region to Asia Pacific Region and is now covering the global scale. Bearing “think globally act locally” in mind and using customer satisfaction as the No. 1 key performance indicator, APGC CSS boasts of over 800 technical talents come from 21 countries and regions in 15 locations across Asia providing comprehensive and diversified services and technical support covering over 100 Microsoft products to consumers, developers, IT professionals, partners and enterprises. It proactively leads and drives sustainable growth of  IT services industry by continuously  innovating service models and contents, ensuring world-class service experience around the globe while cooperating with local partners within the region.

Wing-Dar Ker, General Manager

Microsoft Customer Service and Support, Asia Pacific and Greater China Region (APGC CSS)

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