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Winners of the 2007 Customer Relationship Excellence Awards

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Winner of the 2007 CRE Awards:
Customer Relationship Excellence Outstanding Achievement
Global Support Services of the Year
Service Portal of the Year

Mission Critical Support Service of the Year

“At SWIFT we work together to make sure that our products meet the requirements of individual customers, and are simple and easy to use. We adopt this same approach for our support services. These awards are also recognition of our core values – ‘Customers come first’, ‘Deliver excellence simply’ and ‘People make the difference’. It is an honour to receive four awards and very motivating for our team. We would also like to thank our customers for the open expression of appreciation of the support and service provided.”

Mr. Kevin Lodge, Head of Customer Service Asia

Winner of the 2007 CRE Awards:
Best Customer Experience Management of the Year (Banking Service)

“We are very honoured to receive the APCSC CRE Awards. It gives a strong acknowledgement of our efforts in delivering excellent service quality and customer relationship that will continue to distinguish us in the regional market. With strong understanding of our customers' financial needs coupled with a strong dedication for quality service, we will be able to value add with personalized banking to them.”

Mr. Michael J. Barrett, Group Managing Director
RHB Banking Group

“Winning two consecutive service awards is a great testimony of our pursuit for service excellence.  RHB Bank Singapore has a proven track record in the area of service excellence and we have succeeded in providing a great banking experience through innovation, dedication, flexibility and above all, great customer experience. With RHB Bank, banking is made personal.”

Mr Lim Hun Joo, Country Head
RHB Bank Singapore

Winner of the 2007 CRE Awards:
Best Use of Knowledge Management of the Year  (Internet Service Provider)
Best Use of Technology of the Year (Internet Service Provider)
Innovative Technology of the Year (Internet Service Provider)

“On behalf of everyone of the CPCNet team, we are very pleased and honored to have won four CRE awards presented by APCSC this year. This is a tremendous encouragement as well as recognition for our team’s effort toward our Customer Focus Strategy.

Over the years, we have been emphasizing and focusing our team to the delivery of ‘Customer Needs and Customer First’ strategy. These efforts entail many facets and manifest into different prospective of it presentation and form. Many of which reflect in the use and manipulation of the latest in technology and as well as improving our delivery process to the satisfaction of our customers. I am very happy that our strategy bear fruits and recognitions and we would like to thank APCSC of presenting these awards to us.”

Mr. Stephen Ho, Chief Executive Officer
CPCNet Limited


Winner of the 2007 CRE Awards:
Innovative Technology of the Year (Property Management)

“Henderson Land Group Property Management Department - Well Born Real Estate Management and Hang Yick Properties Management, is honoured to receive the ‘Innovative Technology of the Year (Property Management)’ from APCSC. Having received CRE Award in recognition for a five consecutive years since 2003, Well Born jointly participates in this year’s competition with Hang Yick and continues to demonstrate our strength in customer service. The award is a proof of our strong commitment in satisfying our customers by delivering sophisticated after-sales services. In future, we will continue to strive for even better services in the pursuit of excellence.”

Mr. Suen Kwok Lam, MH, Managing Director
Henderson Land Group


Winner of the 2007 CRE Awards:
Contact Center of the Year (Telecommunications)
Integrated Support Team of the Year (Telecommunications)

“We believe that it is the customer who defines quality, not us. At any touch point, the quality of customer experience can affect the overall customer relationship and we treat our integrated support team and contact centre as strategic units to create excellent customer experience. We are very glad that our efforts on building a quality, professional team has been paid off and our journey to continuous improvement on service excellence will be ongoing to further strengthen customers’ mindshare.”

Mr. Duncan Wong, Vice President Customer and Systems Operations
T & T Limited

Winner of the 2007 CRE Awards:
Consumer Relationship Marketing Service of the Year (Property Management)Customer Service Center of the Year  (Property Management)
High Speed Customer Service of the Year (Property Management)

“Citybase Property Management Ltd (Citybase) is committed to providing quality management services. With the aim of providing a world-class living and business environment to our customers, Citybase offers excellent professional property management services. It is our honor to receive three CRE Awards for 2007. Thanks to our comprehensive scheme of ‘performance pledge’ and concept of ‘Customers without boundaries’, Concordia Plaza managed by Citybase has been awarded ‘High Speed Customer Service of the Year’ and ‘Consumer Relationship Marketing Service of the Year’. Moreover, with our continuous effort in providing comprehensive and innovative services at The Center, a Grade A commercial Building on the Hong Kong Island, experienced concierge staff are on hand in the lobbies to provide assistance to our customers and visitors. As a result, The Center has been awarded ‘Customer Service Center of the Year’. These achievements are certainly a proof of our strong commitment in providing quality management services. In the future, we will continue to strive for better service in the pursuit of excellence.”

Mr. H.K Jim, General Manager
Citybase Property Management Ltd

Winner of the 2007 CRE Awards:
Field Support Team of the Year (Property Management)
Customer Satisfaction Quality System of the Year (Property Management)

“It is the honour of Hong Yip to be the winner again presented by the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium with this distinguished trophy titled ‘Field Support Team of the Year 2007’ and Grandeur Property Management Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of Hong Yip, to receive the ‘Customer Satisfaction Quality System of the Year (Property Management)’ from APCSC. Thanks to our all-round field support team and the dedication of team members, we have been awarded with this prize. This award has fully manifested our competitive edges over other contenders with respect to our customer satisfaction management system and exquisite customer services. The CRE award is a good proof of our determination to achieve our corporate mission ‘To deliver premier service with ultimate courtesy, and to manage every property to the highest standard of quality’ in customer service. Grandeur is established for providing prestigious 6-stars hotel service for our customer. We will continue to strive for best quality management service to our customers.”

Mr. Alkin Kwong, Vice Chairman & Chief Executive
Hong Yip Holdings Co., Ltd

Winner of the 2007 CRE Awards:
People Development Program of the Year (Property Management)
Corporate Service Team of the Year  (Property Management)

“With commitment to our mission of ‘Improving Quality of Life’, we strongly believe that the provision of quality management services adds immeasurable value to our properties. We are thankful to the heartfelt support from our customers to our excellent and professional management services, which have also received numerous commendations from different sectors of the public over the years. As an equal opportunity employer, we uphold the principles of ‘Employing both the healthy and handicapped’ and ‘Using the right personnel’. We organize various training programs to our staff to enhance their professional knowledge, at the same time holding regular staff activities to foster team spirit. Through our comprehensive care to both our customers and staff, we are now truly delighted to have broken the boundary and risen to the Asia-Pacific region.”

Mr. Dicto Leung, Gerneral Manager
Goodwell Property Management Limited

Winner of the 2007 CRE Awards:
Contact Center of the Year  (Logistics Service)

“DHL is honored to receive the CRE Awards 2007 in the category of ‘Contact Center of the Year (Logistics)’. The award proves our achievements to the mission of Key Account Support of Customer Service Division – “To provide the sense of privileges to our key customers by offering them premium services. The award is very encouraging to the team as it recognizes our commitment to further enhance our service standard to help our key customers succeed. We will continue to strive for excellence in serving our customers in order to become their ‘FIRST CHOICE’ partner.”

Ms Flora Lau, Director of Customer Service
DHL Express Hong Kong


Winner of the 2007 CRE Awards:
High Speed Customer Service of the Year (Telecommunications)
Best Use of Knowledge Management of the Year (Telecommunications)

"It is our  honour  to receive 5 CRE Awards this year, namely Customer Service Team Leader  of the Year (Contact Center), 2 merit awards  for  our customer service professional , High Speed Customer Service of the Year (Telecommunications) for the third consecutive year and Best Use of Knowledge Management of the Year (Telecommunications) for the first time.  The outstanding achievement not only serves as a recognition of our dedicated effort in customer service, but also encourages our professional team’s continual pursuit in service excellence.  Looking ahead, as a pioneering telecom service provider, we strive to effectively provide  customer-focus, reliable communication solutions and managed services with the highest customer satisfactions.”

Dr. Norman Wai, Managing Director,
New World Telecommunication Limited

Winner of the 2007 CRE Awards:
Best Customer Experience Management of the Year  (Property Management)

“It is with great honor to receive the ‘Best Customer Experience Management of the Year’ in our first participation in the CRE Awards. This honor has further proven that introducing Hotel Caring Services to THE LEGEND at Jardine's Lookout is the right direction. The same standard of Hotel Caring Services will now be introduced to all of our estates managed by Goodwell, which will allow more and more of our residents to enjoy their investment rewards by receiving highly prestigious services. ‘Caring Hotel Attitude’ is a unique culture. Not only is it well received by our residents, it also sets a new benchmark for the property management industry in Hong Kong. ”

Mr. Jackson Wong, General Manager
THE LEGEND at Jardine’s Lookout, Goodwell Property Management Limited


Winner of the 2007 CRE Awards:
Field Support Team of the Year (Insurance)
Best Use of Technology of the Year (Insurance)

“Guided by the core value of business integrity, sustainable growth and pursuit for excellence, China Pacific Life Insurance devotes to create the most value for customers, shareholders, employees and other parties interested by sustainable operation and business innovation contributing to society harmonization. We are not only focusing on business increase but also on customer satisfaction by providing excellent service.

This is the second time China Pacific Life Insurance participated in the APCSC. We are honored to receive two awards for our two branch companies. It further proves our service quality and capability, and recognizes our persistent philosophy in customer-oriented business practice. We will follow this path and grow our company into a most trusted and respected professional life insurance company.””

Mr. Patrick Poon, Chairman of Operation Committee
China Pacific Life Insurance Co., Ltd

Winner of the 2007 CRE Awards:
Best Customer Experience Management of the Year (Credit Card Center)
Contact Center of the Year (Credit Card Center)

“We are deeply honored to be awarded with the Contact Center of the Year and Best Customer Experience Management of the Year on our first CRE Awards participation. This is the best recognition for our service culture ‘Deliver service beyond expectation and savor value upon creation’. Our bank is service-oriented and with our platinum-gold-classic three-tiered service strategy, we have built a professional team focusing on our customer satisfaction and customer experience through systematic service channel perfection and team culture building measures. We appreciate that the APCSC provides us such a wonderful platform of broad communication in the Asia-Pacific region. It’s a great inspiration for us to endeavor full effort for the establishment of a quality brand in the 24-hour distant banking service industry.”

Mr. Lv Tiangui, General Manager, Customer Contact Center
China CITIC Bank Credit Card Center

Winner of the 2007 CRE Awards:
Outsourcing Team of the Year (Contact Center)
Contact Center of the Year (Consumer Market)

“I’m very pleased to know that our company has been awarded by APCSC the ‘Contact Center of the Year’ and ‘Outsourcing Team of the Year’ awards, which is encouraging recognition for a company that participated in the activity for the first time. First of all, my sincere thanks go to APCSC, who build such a wonderful stage for us to show our strengths; all friends who vote for us and our partners who are all-time supportive for us; and my heartfelt thanks to all 5,000 employees who work together to where we are now. Delivering customer relation excellence is always our mission. We hope to enhance and promote our services and provide quality services to more overseas companies, and aim to grow into the biggest outsourcing service center in Asia and one of the best-known service centers in the world.”

Miss Li Yan, COO of International Elite Ltd, GM of China Elite Info. Co. Ltd.

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