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Fidelity Worldwide Investment received Contact Center of the Year 2014 (Investment – Under 50 Seats), Customer Satisfaction Quality System of the Year 2014 (Investment) and 2 Individual categories


DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited received Employee Engagement Program of the Year 2014 (Banking), Best Use of Technology of the Year 2014 (Banking), Best Use of Knowledge Management of the Year 2014 (Banking) and People Development Program of the Year 2014 (Banking), and 4 Individual categories

2014 Customer Relationship Excellence Winner Statement:  

“The Contact Center of the Year and Customer Satisfaction Quality System of the Yearawards do not only reaffirm the service quality of our customer center, but also recognise our innovation and customer-centric approach. Anticipating clients’ needs is the key to world-class customer experience. We conduct regular customer surveys to understand our clients’ needs, and more importantly to implement actions and drive business decisions to enhance our customer experience. Fidelity is committed to providing forward thinking solutions to our customers.”

Mr. Michael Fong, Head of Customer Experience and Customer Services, Asia
Fidelity Worldwide Investment


“What is exciting for our team is we all know how much more we can improve. The results are showing however. We have delivered a very exciting set of digital capabilities for our customers. The pipeline of further service improvements and technology innovations has us energised. It's enriching to work for a bank that invests in helping customers, not just revenue generation. Our ultimate aim is to make banking joyful.”

Mr. David Lynch, Managing Director and Head of Technology & Operations, Hong Kong & Mainland China
DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited

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